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4136 Bartlett St,

Homer AK 99603 (map and directions)
Fax: 907-235-6639

Behavioral Health Fax: 907-435-3053

At Homer Medical Center we are excited to offer you access to your Patient Portal, where you will have access to your medical record 24/7. It is our goal to provide our patients, and our community, with top-of-the line commitment and quality care. Please call (907) 235-8586 to find out more!

Operator: 907-235-8586

Appointments: 907-435-3061

Billing: 907-235-6127

Care Coordinator, Emily Munns: 907-435-3047

If you are struggling to navigate the health care system, have multiple problems that need addressed or just need help, please call. 

Medication for Addiction Treatment: 907-299-1264 Confidential call or text

Medical Records: 907-435-3051

Referrals: 907-435-3056

To leave a message for your medical team 24 hrs a day:

Please allow up to 48 hours for Prescription requests.  Check with the pharmacy for status updates once requested.

For the providers below, call: (907) 235-3013

For the providers below, call: (907) 235-3014

For the providers below, call: (907) 435-3048

Dr. William Bell Dr. Giulia Tortora Dr. Christy Tuomi
Dr. Christy Martinez Dr. Matthew Swain Dr. Sarah Roberts
Jill Rife, DNP Rebecca Plymire, PA Dr. Teresa Johnson
Lisa Milam, DNP Edward Gonzalez, FNP-C Devry Garity, ANP

Homer Medical Center-West Wing
P: 907-435-3040
F: 907-235-6639
4177 Bartlett Street
Homer, AK 99603

Midwifery Service, Woman’s Wellness, newborn and well child care up to 3 years old.

Julie McCarron, CNM
Laura Greet, CNM
Dana Whittaker, CNM
Kathryn Ault, CNM

Homer Medical Center- Behavioral Health Services
Please use the Physical Therapy entrance at the West end of the SPH Lower Level (Bartlett Street) parking lot.
P: 907-235-7202
F: 907-435-3053

Donna Rollins, MSN, PMHNP-BC
Vicki Jackson MSW, LCSW