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4136 Bartlett St,

Homer AK 99603 (map and directions)
Fax: 907-235-6639

Behavioral Health Fax: 907-435-3053

At Homer Medical Center we are excited to offer you access to your Patient Portal, where you will have access to your medical record 24/7. It is our goal to provide our patients, and our community, with top-of-the line commitment and quality care. Please call (907) 235-8586 to find out more!

Operator: 907-235-8586

Appointments: 907-435-3061

Billing: 907-235-6127

Care Coordinator, Michelle Volland: 907-435-3047

If you are struggling to navigate the health care system, have multiple problems that need addressed or just need help, please call. 

Medication for Addiction Treatment: 907-299-1264 Confidential call or text

Medical Records: 907-435-3051

Referrals: 907-435-3056

To leave a message for your medical team 24 hrs a day:

Please allow up to 48 hours for Prescription requests.  Check with the pharmacy for status updates once requested.

For the providers below, call: 907-235-8586 ext 2

Hans Amen, DO Joe Llenos, MD Giulia Tortora, MD
William Bell, MD Emma Mayfield, DO Christina Tuomi, DO
Devry Garity, APRN Rebecca Plymire, PA-C Bonnie Turner, FNP
Ragine Lancaster, DO Jill Rife, DNP Anna Williams, APRN

Homer Medical Center-West Wing
P: 907-435-3040
F: 907-235-6639
4177 Bartlett Street
Homer, AK 99603

Midwifery Service, Woman’s Wellness, newborn and well childcare up to 3 years old.

Julie McCarron, CNM
Kathryn Ault, CNM

Homer Medical Center- Serene Waters Mental Health Services
4135 Hohe Street
P: 907-235-7202
F: 907-435-3053

Donna Rollins, MSN, PMHNP-BC
Vicki Jackson MSW, LCSW
Lucy Fisher, MD
Morgan Dwyer, MA, LPC, CDC1


South Peninsula Obstetrics & Gynecology
263 West Fairview Ave

Renda Knapp, MD
Pamela Williams, DO