Insured Patients

Homer Medical Center accepts all types of commercial insurance including motor vehicle insurance. We are a preferred provider for most commercial insurances as well as government payers and will gladly bill any carrier as a courtesy at a patients request. We will bill your primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance. You are responsible for any deductible, co-insurance, or copay as assigned by your insurance. This amount is to be paid at the time of service.

Uninsured Patients

Homer Medical Center accepts patients who do not have insurance. Patients who pay at time of service will be given a 25% discount. Self-pay patients are eligible to receive a 10% prompt pay discount if they pay their balance in full within 30 days of the first statement date. Patients without insurance are expected to pay their balance in full upon receiving their billing statement. For those unable to pay in full please contact our business office to set up a payment plan.

Worker’s Compensation

Homer Medical Center accepts all Workers Compensation Insurance. You must provide the name and the billing details of the worker’s compensation carrier at your first visit. We will bill your worker’s compensation insurance, although you will ultimately be responsible for services not covered by your worker’s compensation insurance.


Homer Medical Center accepts and bills for traditional Medicare benefited patients as well as some Medicare Advantage PPO plans. Homer Medical Center will bill a Medicare HMO policy but these policies do not cover clinic services without a prior authorization or referral.



Homer Medical Center is currently accepting existing and new Medicaid patients. HMC does not bill out of state Medicaid or Medicaid HMO policies.


Tricare/HealthNet Federal Services

Homer Medical Center accepts Tricare for active duty Coast Guard and military members and their families. We are currently working on contracts with our Behavioral Health department to bill for patients with Tricare insurance.


VA Standard and VA Choice/TriWest

Homer Medical Center is proud to support America’s veterans. We accept VA Standard and VA Choice patients who have approved authorizations completed prior to their appointments. Please contact your local VA office or the Choice Program at 1-855-722-2838 for more information on how to obtain an authorization.


Medicare Wellness

Please take advantage of the services covered by Medicare wellness:

Welcome to Medicare visit – for beneficiaries within their first year of Medicare enrollment

Yearly Wellness visit – for beneficiaries who have had Medicare for more than one year.

These exams provide a routine evaluation if you are healthy or have stable medical conditions. The treatment of other medical concerns, new or changing, are not included in these visits. You will need to schedule a separate appointment to address those concerns. Most services will be covered by your Medicare benefits.

Some exclusions apply, please contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE for more information on your benefits. at 907-235-6127

For more information, go to: