Travel Medicine

Headed abroad? Travelling the world? Homer Medical Center providers strongly recommend future travelers to consider scheduling a “Travel Consult” visit at least 8 weeks before their departure. Statistics show that 30-60% of Americans who travel abroad will become ill, ranging from unpleasant to life-threatening; moreover, those travelling abroad are now more diverse in age and also more medically complex.

Each one of our providers can offer services as a Travel Health Specialist, assisting you with learning about travel health advisories in the countries you are visiting as well as providing necessary medications, vaccines and health precautions to keep you safe. Our goal is to help you understand travel and the interplay of health and healthcare to minimize risk and illness and maximize enjoyment and success for the trip!

Topics that we cover are:

  • Health Review
  • Travel Hazards
  • Malaria prevention
  • Travelers Diarrhea
  • Immunization Review
  • High Risk Behaviors
  • Water Safety
  • Sun and Heat Exposure
  • Travel Insurance
  • Obtaining Medical Assistance Abroad

Just like you have researched the best hotel to stay at or sight to visit, start researching the health care risks in your areas of travel by going to the Center for Disease Control Travelers Health Website:

CDC Destination Travel Recomndations

This can help you understand some of the topics that would be discussed at your Travel Consult by one of the Homer Medical Center clinicians. Happy Travels!

– We offer pre-travel clearance, counseling, and vaccinations, and post-travel consultation in the event of illness. For more info, visit